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    How to order Zebra Cards[Top]
The full text of Zebra Cards is not available on-line. You can order Zebra Cards by phone or via the Internet. The list price is $23. Members of the American College of Physicians get a discount if they order from the ACP.
    Order on the Internet[Top]
You can order from either The American College of Physicians or from Amazon. Both have secure servers.
    Order by Telephone[Top]
To order by phone:
  1. Call the American College of Physicians, toll-free, at: 1-800-523-1546.
  2. Tell the operator you would like to order a book.
  3. The friendly, efficient people at the College will take of the rest.
    Ordering Elsewhere[Top]
If you want to get your copy elsewhere, here's the full citation:

Zebra Cards. by John G. Sotos, MD. Philadelphia: American College of Physicians, 1989. (Second printing 1991.) ISBN 0-943126-13-4.

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