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Zebra Cards and its web site will improve with your help The author welcomes your email message, assuming it does at least one of these things:

  1. Suggests a new zebra for possible use in the next volume of Zebra Cards -- Before doing this, please read Hints Concerning New Zebras.

  2. Discusses a point of medical interest -- This web site is intended for medical professionals (including medical students, of course). So the discussion should be at that level. Please don't ask for medical advice.

  3. Offers a suggestion, or bug report, about this web site.

  4. Is a friendly note of praise or condemnation -- Always welcomed! But before condemning me, recall that the main text of Zebra Cards is not on-line. You're missing a lot without the printed book, so order and read it before flaming me.
Unfortunately, I am unable to give medical advice. If you have a difficult medical situation, try the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. They have the finest collection of medical talent in the world.

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